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As most of you know reading through my blog, or looking at most of the little girls in my pictures, I am a big, big fan of Matilda Jane Clothing. I have discovered Denise’s amazing talent a couple of years ago and every year I am anxiously waiting to see how she uses her love for color and pattern to create unique, fun, playful and colorful dresses for girl. Not only did I use her clothes on my photo shoots but also all the girls we photograph for Tiny Sparrow Foundation have become big fans of the Matilda Jane style. I try to have some fun clothes on the Tiny Sparrow Photo shoot to make the girls feel pretty and beautiful dispute what months of cruel chemo and radiation might have done to their hair or skin.

Seeing the girls radiate with joy and beauty in the Matilda Jane dresses I thought I would contact Denise to see if she would consider designing something just for Tiny Sparrow Foundation and some of the proceeds to go to Tiny Sparrow. And Denise with her big and amazing heart agreed to do something. Denise was touched by cancer in a personal way too. Her sister in law is fighting breast cancer and what a great way to show support to her sister in law other than creating this amazing dress for Tiny Sparrow in her sister in law’s honor.

Thank you so much Denise for doing this for Tiny Sparrow.

So here are the details on the dress.

1. The dress is not available yet. It will be released tomorrow December 4th at 5PM still not sure on the time zone you will have to go and read information on Matilda Jane Blog. I think Denise will post something tonight.
2. The sizes are from 18m to 8 but again you will have to read on the blog for more information
3. The dress will be available under the Platinum Collection
4. Even though I am not sure how much the dress will be I know that 50% of the price of the dress will go to Tiny Sparrow Foundation.
5. We are trying to figure out a little contest with those that buy the dress but Denise will post the details. The whole meaning of the dress is what Tiny Sparrow Foundation is all about and that is helping others so I want somehow when you see the dress to remind you of all of your blessings and think about those other kids, the kids we photograph through Tiny Sparrow and take it a step further and find a creative way to help somebody.

I can’t thank enough everybody at the Matilda Jane Company and of course all of you that will be buying the dress. Please spread the word about this beautiful and meaningful dress and even if you don’t have a girl maybe you have a niece, neighbor, a special little girl that you want to buy this dress for and support our amazing foundation.. Feel free to use any of the pictures on my blog or just email me at and I can email you the pictures..

Let’s make this event a success!!!!


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