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I get a lot of emails about my processing, about those nice warm tones you see in most of my pictures. Even though a lot of it has to do with the way I take the pictures, a big part of those nice warm tones I am adding in Photoshop. Here is some before and after examples on how my pictures come SOOC and after a little twicks and tricks they have that magical glow to them. Even in the cold winter months when the air and the light has that bluish, grayish tint and you come home and think what’s wrong with my pictures, why do they look so… well almost ugly… even for those pictures there is hope. The last few before and after were taken in January in February of this year and you can see what I’m talking about when you look at the before picture. But take a look at the after and see the amazing transformation. Well, you might have a million actions and even though you keep trying them all nothing seems to really take your pictures to the level you want them to be.

I have offered one on one mentoring before and I am amazed how much the pictures of those girls I’ve mentored changed. Since a lot of you are out of state and it’s hard to travel I thought I can do some online mentoring. If you are interested in that email me at I can also take one more mentoring session for this year so if you are interested email me. Here is what Kathleen said about our mentoring session this past February :

” I had the privilege of taking a mentoring session with Lidia this winter. WOW! It was such a wonderful experience. I felt like we clicked immediately and she was so in tuned to what I was interested in and needing, to be able to take my photography skills to a new level. It was like a switch went on in my head. I left her session with a whole new vision for my photography and have thoroughly enjoyed picture taking to the point that I hate to put my camera down! I really appreciated her desire to see me improve and the specificity of my concerns addressed. Each area I was struggling with has benefitted! Thank you so much Lidia!”

Hope to hear from you soon!! Happy Editing!!!


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