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Meet Daisy.. Our newest family addition. Daisy is just 13 weeks old and she is the cutest Yorkie terrier ever. Her eyes will just melt your heart the first time you see her. We got her yesterday and of course today she had a little photo shoot. Expect to see a whole more photo shoots with our sweet Daisy. Isadora wanted to name her Cupcake and we were pretty set with that but then we spotted the cutest daisy dog collar so from Cupcake we went to Daisy. I think she looks like a pretty cute Daisy… Even thought Chewy might be a better fit for right now since she is chewing everything in her sight. Mama’s got a new job now..:)

If you are interested in scheduling a session for any of your furry friends please email me @ ohsoposhphoto@gmail.com

Melissa Davis - March 9, 2011 - 10:30 am

Good luck to you! Our sweet little innocent one has chewed off the corners of my window seals! Cabinets, black dining room chairs!!ugh Thought my husband was going to have a heart attack!lol You would think the little thing was a lab or boxer!

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