Pepsi Grant for Tiny Sparrow Foundation

I wanted to introduce to you a very dear cause to my hear, the non profit organization Tiny Sparrow Foundation that I have started, November 2009. During the gruesome months of chemo, radiation, and surgeries, I have learned human compassion. I turned the emotional and physically challenging experience into a productive use of my time; I courageously taught myself professional photography.

Upon recovering from cancer, coupled with her new found skill set, a simple but poignant idea came to light.

Tiny Sparrow Foundation, is a non profit organization dedicated to providing lasting memories through the beautiful art of photography to the families with children who are facing life threatening illnesses. With the help of photographers nationwide, a beautiful album is created that will carry the love, joy and everlasting memory of each individual family.

Today, Tiny Sparrow is at a cross roads. The good news is that we have a growing fan base of volunteers, like-minded people who believe in the cause, talented photographers willing to donate their time and energy, and families who would love the opportunity to treasure photographs of their loved one for years to come. The bad news is that we have virtually zero funding.

To date, the Foundation has existed off of limited personal donations and grassroots fundraising events. In order for our mission to be realized across a much broader spectrum and make a greater impact, we need financial backing.

Enter: Pepsi “Refresh Everything” grant contest.

Tiny Sparrow is in the running to win $50,000! But we need your help that simply involves the click of a mouse or a cell phone.

Critical Note: You can vote once a day, every single day, for the month of May 2011.

There are 3 ways you can vote:
* Visit ~ you can vote by registering your email, vote directly through your Facebook account,
* You can vote by texting 73774 and putting 106218 in the message.
* Your single vote can be worth 100 votes with the Power Vote ( if you purchase any pepsi products that have the yellow cap look on the cap and you should find a code that you can use)

In cultures around the world, the sparrow is a symbol for hope and rebirth. Though small, the beautiful bird is recognized for its resilient and nurturing characteristics. Tiny Sparrow represents our mission to bring the gift of hope. Thank you for supporting and voting for our idea in the Pepsi Refresh Project ~ this grant could quite literally be the wind beneath our wings. Thank you!

Jennifer Stock - May 5, 2011 - 4:45 pm

Just by seeing the beads that these kids wear around their necks – I recognize immediately how very much they have gone through. My son started one of these chains but then grew tired of collecting the beads.

You have a beautiful foundation and I wish you continued success.

laura h - May 16, 2011 - 2:07 pm

just found you via D Magazine’s “Best of Big D” voting. do i understand correctly that we have until the end of the month to vote for you? this is beautiful. having a brother who was not supposed to live past two, i can imagine what joy it is to have this gift. thank for you all you do.

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