I’m gonna make this place your HOME…

Welcome to my full of color home. So what’s these crazy thing everybody has been talking about that I love color??? Don’t we all love color?? When we look outside, the nature, the flowers, the birds, everything that we set our eyes on is full of rich, vibrant colors, full of colors that we would not certainly think to put together ourselves, full of bold patterns, and shapes of all kinds that somehow all work in such harmony and are so pleasing to our eyes. Take a walk in a park, take a walk in a forest and try to take notice of all the colors, all the textures, all the patterns… Have you ever thought to yourself that the blue of the sky doesn’t really match the brown and green of the trees? or the green leaf of a plant would maybe clash with that beautiful purple color the flower that the plant will bring to life?
Everything the green, the purple, the yellow, the pale pink, the brown, the vibrant blue and all the other hundreds of colors and hues, create the beautiful nature around us. Yet we are taught since we were little, that purple and red will clash, gray and blue will clash.. same goes for so many patterns out there. I think that’s why I just let Isadora dress any way her little soul wants to dress that day.. Today it was red polka dot shoes, military style jacket and a bright purple animal zoo tshirt that really did not go with the whole outfit:). But again.. I find myself going to judging colors and outfits based on what I have been thought… So I just let her be.. She was so proud of herself and the outfit she picked:)..

I was not always a person in love with colors. I was a very brown, earthy colors. My first encounter with pink was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. You can imagine how uncomfortable I was with all that pink going on. I was never a girly girl.. and honestly even if I was, we did not have so much pink and purple things back in Romania when we grew up. We were happy to have anything, color was not something we worried about. So when all the pink came in my life, it took me a while to get myself to even wear anything pink, I think I started with a scarf, than a sweater and somehow the pink was so much of a better color than the brown I used to wear as the pink made me feel like I am alive. When your body is fighting to survive somehow that feeling that you are still alive, is such an amazing feeling. So I started to add in more and more color in my life. When I finally taught myself photography, all those colors started to reflect in my pictures, but it was not like I was trying to establish a style or to force myself to love colors. It came naturally until I realized, what a big impact colors have in my life. If I would have a bad day, I would just try to surround myself with some kind of color, and like magic, I would feel so much better, I would be so happy, I would feel like, Ok I can do this, I am alive, life is beautiful.

This past year, me and my little Isadora moved to a much smaller home than we had before and as painful as this move was, somehow I was so ready to have a place to call a home, not a house. I sure was the queen of the illusion of the perfect house, big, impressive, intimidating for others maybe… but it was just that.. and illusion. It was a very pretty illusion I might say, but it was dead inside. So when we moved to this new home, I wanted the home to reflect my soul’s journey, to reflect this time of my life, to reflect Isadora’s time, to reflect her childhood. I was so done with fancy things and I just wanted to decorate my house not with what was in style but with what felt good to my heart.

And sometimes what’s good for the heart and soul is just that.. to have a home not a house. To let Isadora be a kid, to let her books, her toys out around not having to hide them and show the world what a beautiful perfect house I have.I could have even hidden the toys in the pictures I took. I could have straightened the sofas, the blanket, the pillows, got some fresh flowers for my kitchen not the tulips that were loosing their petals, and I could do so much more, but I just got so tired of perfection. I have lived my whole life trying to impress others, to let others dictate what I like, gosh I was not even sure who I was anymore, I was even postponing taking these pictures of my house as I still had things that needed to be done. But I guess when I will do those things.. I might just have to do another blog post.. There problem solved:)..

And on a different note… please bear with me if there are some things I misspelled or if I didn’t express myself correctly.. English is my second language.. and that is still no excuse… but honestly I am trying to just practice this letting go of perfection.. even the writing of my blog. I had emails telling me that I don’t say things right and some spelling errors and to get somebody to help me with that. Trust me.. If I was to read this blog over and over and over again.. I could figure it out on myself what needs to be fixed.. but if I learned that I can’t second guess myself.. other wise I will never publish this blog as it will never be perfect enough. If you look back on my blog, I haven’t published much last year for fear I will say the wrong thing and for fear that I don’t know how to express myself.  I know many of you are English teachers and might not like how I say things.. I could hire somebody to help me with this, but honestly I just don’t have any time for another email, another person to run this by.. I just don’t.. I kind of  to choose between two wrong things.. Hope I stuck with the least wrong one…:)And  I also want to try and  see how this not perfect Lidia feels like for now:).. Far away from perfect… but so much closer to real.. and I tell you what… being REAL FEELS SOOOOO LIBERATING!!!

Hope this helps explain a bit my fascination with colors:)..

I’ll try to put some links bellow on where I got some of the things in my home…

Here is the entrance to my home. It’s almost like a loud scream … BEWARE this home is full of love and color:).  But to me it’s more of a statement to what Phillips Phillips sings about in his song called Home.

Hold on, to me as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
And although this wave is stringing us along
Just know you’re not alone
Cause I’m going to make this place your home

Settle down, it’ll all be clear
Don’t pay no mind to the demons
They fill you with fear
The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found

Just know you’re not alone
Cause I’m going to make this place your home


I got the little pillows from Urban Outfitters. I got them last year, not sure if they have them. I collect salt and pepper shakers so here is my little collection of them and also other fun colorful things.

Here is what to expect when you walk in my living room. I think that color warning was for real.. More color in my living room. Isadora’s toys are pretty much always in front of the fireplace, there is very little space to even step to sit on the sofa.. but somehow we are not that high maintenance and make it all work:)The canvas with the hearts I got the template from Design A Glow, the little wood ladders or not sure what to call them, I got them at Home Goods (it’s a place here in Texas kind of like TJ Max and Marshalls). The black storage with all the polka dot containers and the wicker baskets at the bottom, I bought from Ikea, the polka dot baskets were from target. Yeap there is a TV in there as the town home community here includes cable too. Very rarely do I turn that TV on. Unless it’s to watch a movie from a DVD that we have.
Here is a little close up picture on what I put on my little wooden shelves. I have one of the shelves that is my inspiration, my Lidia place, I placed in there the books that have changed my life and allowed me to be the person I am today, I have placed there a picture of my as a little girl, one of the very few pictures I have from when I was little, and I put this picture there as a reminder to love that little girl anytime when I tend to not be too nice to the older Lidia:). I know I am a bit weird.. or different. But the many books I read, I realized that I am not alone, that we all tend to talk so mean and ugly to our selves inside our own mind, I don’t think we would want to have ourselves as our own friends the way to talk to ourselves sometimes.

There is a sign I love to remind me that life is a journey and to just enjoy it as it’s short. I was raised baptist, with lots of guilt, shame and honestly I was just scared when I had cancer that God punished me for something I did wrong and I will go to hell. Well, when you face death in the eyes, you start to questions a lot of things that you raised up to believe. I first said there is no God, how can God not see that I just had enough. I almost died when I was pregnant, Isadora was born and she had so many medical issues.. now I had cancer??? So I embarked on a journey to find out the truth.. The truth that has always been in me but I thought others have the truth. The symbols of different religions and the many more I will add to this collection are there as sign that I might not be a religious person but I am a very spiritual person. Like I tell my mom, this is how I see things right now based on my soul’s journey, maybe 2 years from now I will believe different. As much as we want to make everybody believe the way we do, it’s just not possible, we all are and believe what we believe based on our journey. One thing I do know… I am so much closer to God now then I have ever been, I am not scared that I am a bad person and will go to hell, I am just in awe of how amazing God is and how perfect this thing called life is and how he orchestrates things so well, that looking back at our lives everything the good and the bad, the high and the low, the love and the hate.. everything makes sense..


Here is what you see next after you are done indulging your eyes in all the colors and patterns going on in my living room:).. My dining room and kitchen. In the back you see the little room, that is Isadora’s little office, her place to call Isadora, her place of inspiration. Gosh we are two pretty deep girls here:)… I asked the builder to cut this space under the stairs and even though it’s very small, it was the best idea ever. I have a picture lower down showing how it looks right under the stairs. It’s pretty much where Isadora puts her backpack, her shoes and just things that usually she would not have a place of her own to put them.

The table and the chairs from my dining room I got them at Pier One Imports. Wait for the 25% off sale and you get a great deal. The bright colorful  red chair is a sleep cover that I can just replace when I am tired of all those bold colors. For now I will stick with it. I still love it every time I set my eyes on it. The rug I got from West Elm. There are two bar stools that are suppose to be there but we use one of the stools upstairs for this tent Isadora has that is made out of some sheets and of course the bar stool:).

Oh how I keep my floors so clean and the dogs don’t bring mud in? you see the little crate right by the patio door? When the dogs go outside I open the crate door and they go straight into the crate and they get dried up a bit over there. I used to wipe their paws all the time and I never did a good job. This way they have a little furry pad inside the crate and it’s nice and comfy for them while they get a little dry.

Here is a little close up look from the above picture. The little storage table I got it also from Pier One. The wicker baskets underneath are from Pier One too. On the far back wall up the stairs, will do a collage of pictures and inspirational quotes. That is a work in progress that is not done yet. Other things that I decorate with are probably from target, pottery barn (the lemon holder) and the fun cow there in the corner is from William and Sonoma. That was Isadora’s idea. You can write in chalk the menu in there.

A little look into Isadora’s personal space. It was hard to get a picture of the place under the stairs. But you can see here, that this is pure just Isadora’s place; art, and shoes, and toys and bags …


And finishing this post with my favorite place.. my kitchen. The old house, I had this huge and fancy kitchen. Oh and the miles I would make when I had to go from the refrigerator to the sink, or from the stove to the sink. Never in my life will I ever have a big kitchen anymore:). Unless of course you have a lot of kids and you need that space. But for me and Isadora this little kitchen is WAYYYYY more than enough. Sometimes my dogs come in the kitchen and if the dishwasher is open there is really no room in there and I bump into them:).  That’s to give you an idea that it might look big in the pictures but it’s really pretty small. I wanted to get away from all the brown and dark colors that were very popular and I wanted lots of light and bright colors so I choose this distressed white for my cabinets. It’s hard to see but I keep Isadora’s art work behind the glass cabinets, my Starbucks mugs collection ( I have a weak spot for mugs:)) and just pretty dishes that I get from everywhere I see something that I like, some are Anthropologie, some are target, some are World Market. I don’t usually buy a whole set of dishes that match together.. I just buy one or two and wait as I know I will find another pretty dish at a later time:).. AM I alone in not having a full set of coordinated dishes?? 

I had to have a little corner of happiness here too. With the risk of getting this picture dirty, I wanted to have a picture of Isadora in the kitchen and with space being limited here was the best place that I found for it..

You can see my faithful Juicer up on the countertop. It’s big and bulky but I use it everyday so it stays there.

Little details of my countertop. What’s new.. crazy colors and patterns:).. I got the salt holder from Pottery Barn, the oil dispensers along with the jars from Target. Gotta love that target!! I choose the little sun tile as an accent tile to remind myself to always shine bright like the sun. To let my own light shine:)


And that my friends.. is what me and Isadora call our home!!! There are a lot more details I could have done now that I look at it.. But I did my best in the limited time I have available. I will try to take pictures of the upstairs and post them sometimes. Thank you so much for reading my blog, hope this will encourage some of you to step out of your comfort zone and add some color in your life:).. Love and peace your way… from our hearts to yours!!!


Natalie - February 6, 2013 - 1:38 pm

You’re home is amazing, Love the colours and the home sweet home feel you get when you look at it. :)

Stefanie - February 6, 2013 - 1:42 pm

It’s sad how ignorant people still are today. English is my second language as well and I’ve only lived in the US for 4 years, and no I wasn’t raised with english as a second language either. But you try to pick it up as fast as you possibly could, and you try to hide the accent and make sure you don’t make any mistakes. And when people feel the need to point out how your english isn’t proper, knowing that it indeed isn’t your mother language. It hurts. I also find it highly disrespectful to come up to me saying, “what country are you from, I think I just hear an accent in what you’ve said”. Why aren’t you something special, would you like a cookie with that? Last time I checked, everyone in this country technically isn’t from here, originally. Anyway, my point is, you’re not alone with this. Don’t let it get to you, even though I know how hurtful it can be when all you do is try to fit in and adjust, when all they do is tear you down and make you second guess yourself over and over. Be proud of who you are and that you mastered a second language, there aren’t many who can say that nowadays. And I’m sure, just like me, you know plenty of people who’s first language is english, but it sure doesn’t seem that way looking at all their grammar errors and what not.
Most importantly though, I am IN LOVE with your home! To me, it looks like it’s a stage home. It’s beautiful and everything seems to be exactly in its place! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thanks for sharing <3

Maureen - February 6, 2013 - 2:08 pm

Your home is beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing such intimate details. It is clear that your artistic vision is present in your every day life. You are an artist.

Deb M - February 6, 2013 - 2:34 pm

So glad you have found “your” home! What a beautiful home it is full of personality and love. Thank you for sharing.

Bethany - February 6, 2013 - 3:00 pm

Your home is awesome. I definitely found some inspiration for my boring old brown/taupe/creme home. :)

Thank you for sharing.

Heidy Deleon - February 6, 2013 - 3:01 pm

I love to see your pictures every day!! I love God and I’m glad that you love God too ;) many blessings for you and your beautiful daughter!!

Christie - February 6, 2013 - 3:12 pm

I love this blog entry, Lidia!! It is beautiful, just like you and Isadora. Your English is wonderful! If you hired someone else to ‘speak for you’, it just wouldn’t be the same….It would be ‘you’! I like having your personality show through in your words.
I love to see your home. It inspires me to not simply buy beautiful ‘things’…but to add personality, comfort, and love to my home.
Looking forward to more blog posts!

Christie - February 6, 2013 - 3:15 pm

P.S. I love the entry way (even your S&P collection is colorful!)
And I’m not sure it that ‘wreath’ on top of your shelf is supposed to look like a Crown of Thorns, but that’s what I see when I look at it. What a sign of love to see each time you walk in your door.

elma - February 6, 2013 - 4:03 pm

Wow I love it all!! What a warm and cozy home!! I can not wait to see more!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Melanie Smids - February 6, 2013 - 4:10 pm

Your home is beautiful Lydia ! So is your heart ! May I say out of love that when you seek” truth” to remember there is only ONE truth and that is found in the Bible . Jesus said ,” I am the Way , the TRUTH and the LIFE , no one comes to the Father except through me “. There is ONE way ! Blessings !

Lidia TT - February 6, 2013 - 7:49 pm

from one romanian Lidia to another romanian Lidia :) your home is so cool! I love all the colours and if you ever feel like visiting Australia, please come and help me with a bit of inspiration for my home :) You know what would look good in your home? One of those hand made romanian rugs – you know which ones, the Maramures ones, exploding with colour!
nice work Lidia, cant wait to see the rest of the house xxx

Tracy - February 7, 2013 - 6:26 am

Wow, I love reading your blog….it just made me want to read on and on. Your home is so bright giving off a sence of warmth and happiness. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to read more. All the best to you and your sweet daughter.

chrystal - February 8, 2013 - 9:41 am

i LOVE your home, all the colors and pictures everywhere, it makes me wanna make changes to my home! i LOVE your couch by the way, idk if you posted where you got it i may have over looked it? i been dieing for a couch like that!

Shaye Kennedy - February 8, 2013 - 2:12 pm

You are such an inspiration Lidia! I have to say that you are not alone in the mix matched dishes, I’m right there with you :) I like having things because I love them, not because they are a set or go together, but because they go together in my eyes!

Amanda - February 9, 2013 - 4:09 pm

Hi! Love following your posts. Focusing on your daughter and giving up on perfection is the type of parent I am too, and reading your blog always makes me smile. You are doing a great job!

P.S. Could you share where you found your large floor cushions? I haven’t found any that size that I like and those look perfect!

Madi W. - February 9, 2013 - 6:46 pm

Wow! You’re home is so beautiful! It looks like a home, and I have fallen in love with all the prints and colors and little things you have used to decorate it. For someone who lived so much of their life without color, you sure do have a good eye for it!

And I am sorry about people sending you emails about your English, I think it’s great! I would never be able to tell English is your second language!

And I am so glad you started blogging again… you have a real talent:)


Rachel Owens - February 20, 2013 - 8:20 pm

Beautiful space! Love the coziness and colors. Just curious if you’d ever care to comment on the “Case for Christ” book along with the budda statue. To me it is an odd combination and I’d love to hear more about why the two rather than just Christ….whom I can say with confidence is more than enough!

Karen - April 16, 2013 - 9:12 am

Hi there, I’m a native English speaker learning another language, and I know how hard it is to think and write in another language. It’s extremely difficult. You write very well! I love your photography and love reading your words. Many native English speakers (myself included) can’t express themselves as well as you do.

Candy - May 10, 2013 - 7:46 pm

You house looks like HOME — lived in, loved in, laughed in. Alive. Don’t apologize. I have been in love with the English language all of my life and putting words together (and editing the words other people put together) has been vocation for 35 years. Don’t worry if you have a typo, use a wrong word or incorrect spelling or grammar — your message comes through loud and clear and that is the function of communication. Keep talking — there are many of us who are listening!

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