Trying out essential oils

I have not been so excited in a while, ordering something and waiting for it in the mail to arrive. I know a lot of people kept telling me about essential oils but I’m stubborn and skeptical and until I hit my head hard on the wall I don’t listen:)

So I’m taking my health in my own hands.. All the respect for the doctors but when you have so many medical problems like I have… Nobody pays attention anymore and they give you a pill for something that causes something else that you have to take another pill another side effects and so on. In the last few months I really left feeling like there was no hope. I posted this (graphic) picture on my Instagram account of how my tongue looks right now..and my legs look like I was beaten with 100 sticks I am so so bruised all over. Nobody can explain why.

A friend of mine came over and brought me some essential oils this past week when my head felt like it was bursting open. Perhaps from all the coughing, but I don’t know. I am not exaggerating in saying that in about 2 minutes after she applied the oils on my feet and forehead, my headache was gone. Not completely, but I could open my eyes and I was able to stand up and not throw up.

I still didn’t believe it and kept applying the oils on my forehead and my chest cause I was still coughing. And every time my headache went away and cough stopped. Now that is too much to be a coincidence…

So here is my first purchase of essential oils. I already put one called passed tense on my neck and forehead after a busy day and I feel so so good. I mean I am back on my feet in less than a week with the help of these oils. I will keep you guys updated on how they work. Part of me is still skeptical. I know that’s just who I am. But seeing how pills affect me… I gotta find a better way to live my life and be as healthy as possible. Even Isadora likes the oils.:)

One small problem… When I take pain pills I forget everything, so all I remember is a lady coming over and explaining me how they work. Well now I got them and I remember I ordered them but can’t remember how to use them. I just put them all over my body till I figure it out.:)


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