Healing through Photography

Although my energy level is pretty low, I’m trying to find healing in my love for photography so I am picking up my camera whenever I feel I can. I love photographing my dogs and some macro photography of the flowers I got from many of you while in the hospital. I used Timeless Primer, Dreamy June and Satin Finish from the Timeless Elegance Collection that is on sale till tomorrow evening for 30% off:   http://ohsoposhphotography.com/artstore/ There are also some LE collections available for a lower price for those that want to try just a few of my actions. I will try to work as much as I can during the time between doctor visits and treatments and I so appreciate your support and sharing with your photographer friends.

I have my oncologist appt next Tuesday and will see what her plan for treatment will be. I got my medical records and it’s hard to see it right there in front of me that the spot on my ribs that says in fancy words “longitudinal increased activity within the left 11th rib. Configuration favors neoplastic/metastatic rather than posttramatic”. This represents a tumor that probably metastasized from the breast cancer I had 6 years ago.

I have my days when I am full of hope and have lots of courage.. and i have days when I count how much I have to fight to make it till isadora finishes college and gets marriage. I can’t say I am always strong, but I try not to let fear and discouragement get free rent in my mind and heart.. Raising my rent price high enough where hope, love, faith and courage would be the only things that can afford rent in my heart and mind. I also hope that during this times to always keep my sense of humor no matter what:)

Here is a little picture of my sweet Daisy that makes me laugh… she is always by my side when I am home…

Daisyhttp://ohsoposhphotography.com/artstore/ Here is the website for those that want to purchase my actions and support me during this time.


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